One does not simply forget about their love

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Couple years ago, I had a heartbreak from a chick I liked whom did not like me back.
Here’s the story, she was a co-worker at my restaurant (I knew dating a co-worker is wrong but I couldn’t help it.) and her beauty and bright personality pierced an arrow through my heart. So as days went by, I attempted to close the gap between her and me. However, I might’ve been a bit too pushy.
Several month later, I sent her a friend request on Facebook but she didn’t accept it for a while. I knew she was a frequent Facebook user so I felt squirmy. She might’ve knew I liked her so that might’ve been why.
After doing some what-not, she finally accepted my request and that was that. However, whenever I tried chatting to her number of times she didn’t reply a single word..
Then I acted upon a move that’s taboo, I confessed my love to her through text. Of course she didn’t reply at all. I’m a shy guy so I just couldn’t get myself to approach her directly.
However, I still didn’t give up. At a Christmas Party that she also attended, I gifted her a box of chocolate and a card that I poured all my feelings into.
The next day we worked, she tried to avoid me at all cost. (God, it was sure awkward!)
I followed her on Instagram as well, until I knew she blocked me. At that, I raged text her about it and poof, she blocked me on Facebook as well.
Sadly ever after…
This still haunts me to the present (Although the pains fading away gradually) Especially, because I hate things to end unexplained. She didn’t state about her feelings towards me or even apologize for blocking me.
Unfortunately, I meet her time to time at work so I can’t easily remove her off my mind. Also, I get envious of the other waiter who have a nice conversation with her.
How should I completely forget about her and move on?