Gary Hee Opposes the High Toll Prices to pay for a Job in B.C.

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Gary Hee posted 6 months ago


Port Mann Bridge Vehicle Rates for 2017 to 2020.
On Day One, the toll cost was free, then later it was $1.50, next $3.00, now $3.15 on the Port Mann. Occasional Golden Ears Bridge users are dinged $4.40. In the U.S. the cost is more, but the population is greater. B.C. has approximately 3.5 million residents. with bridge debts exceeding $3.5 billions and increasing annually. Average capitalization cost is $1,000.00 per resident. The incumbent ruling Politicians wasted $400 million to replace the old bridge. Future price increases are predictable after the Tuesday, May 9 2017 British Columbia provincial election. Recently, the expected revenue losses has been projected to be $90 million in 2017-2018 fiscal budget. Each winter, cold temperatures and snow converts to ice masses, then transforms into “ice bombs”, hitting vehicles on the bridge decks. Hence,  beware of the high cost of having a job in Vancouver.

So starting today, Feb. 26/17, I am accepting signatures from supporters to sign my petition “No Bridge Tolls In B.C.” to awaken lazy, ineffective politicians. In January 2016, I submitted 1,100 signatures on petition sheets in the first of 2 stages. The receprients were Rich Coleman, MLA,  and Stephanie Cadieux, MLA. One version was on paper format and the other was digital format. Furthermore, today, I announce my application to Elections BC has been mailed to Victoria and I am waiting for a certification approval to run for office as a MLA candidate in the electoral constituency of Surrey South on Tuesday, May 9/17.

As a fundraiser, I am selling fire extinguishers and first aid kits. The former item is to generate some donations for homeless fire evacuees. The latter item is to generate some donations for the Surrey Memorial and Peace Arch hospital emergency departments. Also other optional items are windows protest stickers.

Without prejudice, I urge all newly proclaimed Canadians of different ethnic backgrounds, living in British Columbia and Canada, to be active participants in the governance of our prorvinces, instead of inactive individuals. I highly recommend the Block Watch organization in many Surrey BC residential areas.

The existence of the tolls on both the Golden Ears and the Port Mann Bridge duplicates the similar functions of the Berlin Wall in Germany, the Great Wall in China, the Iron Curtain in eastern Europe, and finally the Mexican border wall between the United States and Mexico. Separation of neighbouring communities highlights the current division between the areas of Israel and Palestine. Most importantly is the financial disparity created in our neighbouring cities. Non-users of the tolled  bridges develop the “I do not care”  attitude because their roadway cost, are not tolled but are jointly paid by general taxes. If road useage taxes become a reality, only then will these individuals understand the financial difficulties endured by users of tolled bridges. Hence, the universal license plate fee increase proposed on was initiated .

For the future, I envision the implementation and  existence of neighbourhood security teams, made up of past members of girl guides,  boy scouts, and cadets, joining together to serve and strengthen communities as mountain bike equipped teams of BC Rangers and Rangerettes patrol units. Helping in cases of need such as Amber Alert, missing alzheimer victims, kidnapping, hit and run accident incidents, home invasions, and senior abuse.

Furthermore, let me say that unfair taxation like the HST (harmonized sales tax) was not the “Best thing for BC” because the citizens of this province cancelled it after Gordon Campbell forced it on the working people of BC. We shall not forget the blunders of the past government actions – in the name of those mistreated by political parties for the last 150 years.

My  above comments on this blog service are part of the “No Bridge Tolls In BC” petition campaign, “No Bridge Tolls In BC” Facebook reporting, and Twitter  at @nobridgetollsbc.

For your information, friends, relatives, and British Columbians, over 7 years ago, I joined the Royal Canadian Legion as an auxiliary member  and took an oath of allegiance to the Queen and Country, this year I applied to run as an Independent MLA candidate in the Tuesday May 9 2017 provincial election in Surrey South, a newly appointed electoral constituency. Unfortunately, the BC Liberal Party has decided to move MLA member Stephanie Cadieux to this area to compete against me for the new electoral seat. She already holds the MLA seat in Surrey-Cloverdale. This is a huge political battle of unexpected proportion  for myself and family. I now must choose between quitting and fighting for this honourable role. With commitment, I choose the latter. I seek your assistance in a very limited time of 65 days remaining. With so much BC Liberal power and wealth, opposing my goal to represent the residents of Surrey-South constituency, I build my campaign on the following principles of trust, honesty, justice, sacrifice and a goal to make our country better. God, Bless our country forever.

A historical event with painful memories…. Never again do I want to experience hospital closures in B.C., which I reference to the demolition of the Saint Mary’s Hospital in New Westminster and the Essondale mental health facilities in Coquitlam, during the leadership of Gordon Campbell and his finance ministry Colin Hansen, and the demolish of the orange Port Mann Bridge.

In conclusion, Let us be truthful to ourselves because the health of the economy of British Columbia is determined by the prime interest rate set by the Bank of Canada. For many months, it has been set below 1%. Hence, the success of BC economic rating is due to low interest  rate of mortgages, rather than based solely upon the balance budget of the BC Liberal Party and the Christy Clark’s Liberal government management. It is unfair to any opposition person or party to be intimidated by the misinterpretation of facts for propaganda purposes to achieve victory over other British Columbians. Success should be based on merit, not on degree of assault or aggression.

Remember the hated Harmonized Sales Tax. Under the leadership of retired premier Bill Vander Zalm, I was the FightHST volunteer Captain in North Vancouver District and North Vancouver City, plus co-Captain in West Vancouver. We fought the HST and won despite the opposition from many of  the large business corporations. They tried to intimidate our forces. We did not quit. Bill was the Leader and the cohesive element of the movement, without question.

Gary Heeproponent for “No Bridge Tolls In BC” petition, re-tired Clayton Rise Block Watch Captain, Driving and Road Safety Advocate, Owner of Paramount Computers Ltd., Surrey B.C.

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